Free Images Download Website: 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building One

If you run a brick-and-motor store photography website, one of the biggest decisions in your mind right now is to create an online extension of it. That means building out a photography website where buyers will easily download your photos. However, before you take any step to build that website, here are things to avoid:

Overlooking WordPress when building your royalty free images website

There are many platforms you can leverage to build your photography website today such as Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace. However, WordPress is the best platform, by far. WordPress comes with numerous advantages that other platforms don’t offer. For example, with WordPress, you own and control absolutely everything. You are not obliged to work by the terms and conditions of WordPress. That means you won’t be worried that you would one day wake up and find your photography website is not there anymore. You are in charge, a lot. However, you must self-host your WordPress photography website, not the platform. In the following link you will find more ways to create a photo website

Failing to choose the right web hosting provider for your free images download website

Web hosting is a must for any business person that wants to take their businesses online. However, you must choose the right web hosting provider for your photography business. The right web hosting provider must guarantee fast performance, airtight security in the form of regular backups,  impeccable support systems and free stock images. Some of the best web hosting providers includesHostgator, Bluehost, and SiteGround. These are great hosting providers if you’re a new startup photography website owner.

Failing to use plug-ins on your royalty free images website

Plugins are critical to any website. They add certain features to existing programs to make them more functional and robust. Most first-time photography business owners don’t know about plug-ins, and they end up not using them on their sites. They end up wasting a ton of time and experience a lot of errors in the day-to-day running of their sites. You should endeavor to use different plugins on your photography websites, such as peed plugins, SEO plugins, invoice plugins, scheduling plugins, font plugins and much more.

Making your royalty free images website hard to navigate

Navigation is critical in this day and age where concentration spans are short. The modern-day online searcher wants to spend the least time possible online and continue doing other things in their daily schedule. So if your photography website is hard to navigate, they will abandon it and head to a competitor’s website. So make sure your website has a superior search function to allow customers to enter their keyword and find images in a matter of minutes. Also, include categories to make it easy to find photos. You should avoid the complex navigation structures and just keep it simple if you want to keep more customers on your photography website.

Disregarding the use of social media buttons on your Free Images Download Website

Social media is the best marketing platform today. With more than 2 billion users, you’ll be missing a lot of sales if you don’t promote your photography website on social media. That’s why you must add social buttons to your photography website. These buttons allow you to share your website on social media by a single click of the button.

Not including a blog on your royalty free images website

If you’re a photography expert, you’ve harnessed a lot of tips on the topic. You can increase your photography website’s engagement by sharing those tips with your customers and prospects through the blog. This can cause prospects to develop faith in your brand and only buy from you.


Building a photography website today is easy due to the free website builders out there. The only challenge is getting customers to buy from you. That’s why you must take the mistakes highlighted above seriously when building your photography website.


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